Homokember is a theatre performance combined with new media arts.

"The reality of consensus is only a very small segment of the total range of what we could feel as real. If we could learn to code reality or stimuli the way a shaman does, perhaps we could elongate our range of what we call real."

Revision: Maxim Biljarszki and Ákos Orosz
Written by:  Ákos Orosz  (based on story by E.T.A. Hoffmann)
Actors: Zsuzsa Gyöngy, Zoltán Lendváczky, Márton Patkós, Sándor Zsótér
Lighting, sounds, visuals: Maxim Biljarszki
Logo: Sandra Poliakov
Set design: Maxim Biljarszki and Ákos Orosz
Translation: Imre Barna
Special thanks: Braczkó Csilla, Domokos Balázs, Gergely-Farnos Lilla, Dr. Karsai György, Rónai Domonkos
Assistant director: Alexandra Klopfer
Director: Ákos Orosz