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Hangszín, as for "musical tone" is an interactive musical performance involving the audience in a musical journey. 

"Who decides, what we play, or what should we hear? What happens if hundreds of people can influence and interact live with the flow of a musical piece? Will musical democracy result in chaos or in harmony?"

A special musical composition is performed on stage by two musicians live, while through a special app developed by our team they invite the audience to join the uplifting experience of improvising music. The audience can interact with the musical composition through their mobile phones, to change the flow of the music.

Balázs Gábor // kreatív rendező
Biljarszki Maxim // médiaművész, zenész
Harsányi Réka DLA // média designer
Tóth Ádám // média designer, programozó

Documentation video coming soon.

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